What is Khibraat?

Khibraat is a platform that helps employers and project owners to add their projects, what they are looking for and budget they have, then they will receive offers from professional freelancers who can execute their projects. The platform also helps freelancers to create their own profiles and show their skills and similar projects and submit their offers easily.

Work with expert freelancers of your choosing. You can post project for experts to bid on. shortlisted bidders, and award freelancer who can best deliver your project’s needs. you can also post Onsite project, if you need work done offline (i.e. office job).

We are as a team aspire to be adopt the first and largest marketplace for outsourcing and freelance job linking experts with businesses in the region.

What is the website commission rate?

Enjoy our promotion period and freelance with 0% commission rate !!

What is the contest fee ?

Submitting entries to a contest is free. Contest fee applies when you are awarded a contest prize. This fee is charged when the prize is released, which is after contest has been awarded to you and the handover of entry materials has been completed to the contest poster's satisfaction.

What are intellectual property rights and publishing?

The owner of the project owns all the intellectual property rights and the copyright of the projects executed by the freelancer. The freelancer does not have the right to impose additional rights on the project after its implementation or delivery.

How to deal with infringing content?

The site is entitled without the obligation to delete or conceal offers or projects that violate the terms of the site or those that cause damage to the site or its users without returning to the user.

Can I create more than one account?

No, the user is committed not to create more than one account. If the user has a problem with his account, he must first follow up with the technical support to solve the problem. The registered user undertakes to enter the correct data and that he is the only one who uses the account and is responsible for everything, and no one is allowed to use the same account.


Khibraat disclaims liability for the consequences of any disagreements between employers and experts.

Although you're unlikely to experience any issues working with the freelancers on Khibraat, we understand that you need protection.Most issues arise from a lack of clear communication and expectations so we clearly outline our Terms & Conditions to each new member of Khibraat before they sign up for an account. All members on Khibraat are required to read everything about IP ownership, non-disclosure agreements, and ownership of assets before working on or submitting a project.

For Freelancers

How to create a profile?

All you need to get started is a computer, Internet, and good skills !!

Your next step is to show your skills and services by creating a unique profile to showcase your business and attract entrepreneurs.

Username: The name must be real, not just symbols or numbers. It is prohibited to use any names that incite hatred or violence or use any trademark on behalf of the user.

Image: The user is obliged to put his or her real personal picture and not to put a picture of another person in his account.

Portfolio: Make your portfolio talk about you and remember that most employers prefer to work with freelancers who have already worked on similar projects, so try to provide your customers with excellent samples of your work and what you can do.

The best profiles are complete, well written, error-free and have a professional image. Once you have a professional profile, start looking for jobs, make special offers, and connect with an employer, more activity means more jobs.

Can I modify my previous bid?

You may modify the offer at any time, the employer will be notified about new changes.

How can I receive my money?

Money can be received through PayPal or WU , we work to integrate other payment gateways.

How many skills can I add to my profile? 

 You can add up to 10 skills to your profile as per the free plan. Paid packages will be offered to add more skills later.

What is a portfolio and how do I upload my previous projects?
You can upload samples from your previous works through the portfolio on the profile page, you can upload up to 9 files, either video, image or PDF file.

Can I bid on any project?

You can bid on any project as long as you have at least one skill required for the project identified by the project owner.

How many projects can I bid on?

The free package allows you to bid on a maximum of 20 projects per month. Once it's consumed you can buy more bids through the website directly or by contacting the support team.

Are there any fees to withdraw my money?
There are no fees to withdraw funds except the transaction fees in case it used.

For Employers

What project type can I post on Khibraat?

As an employer you can post jobs in the following areas, for example:

Web & Mobile development, graphic design, digital marketing, sales, writing, translation, engineering designs, finance consultant, technical support in addition to other tasks that can be done online or onsite.

I would like to hire someone to work on my project, how do I start it?

You must register as an employer first (this will only take a few seconds). You can then easily add the project with some details, once the project is posted you will receive bids from experts with the required skills, then you can hire the best of them. Or you can send an invitation directly to the expert to submit an offer on your project.

How do I post a project?

There is some information you need to submit to post your project:

  1. Clearly identify the title of the task or project
  2. Identify the full description of the project by stating the details and scope of work (the more detailed the description, the better the bids will be from freelancers)
  3. Identify appropriate skills and expertise
  4. Choose the appropriate budget and environment for the project

Do I have to pay to post a project?

Of course no !! posting project on Khibraat is free of charge.  

Can I edit a posted project?

Modifications can be made to the job or project, but we recommend that it be minimized, such as modifying a spelling mistake or adding more data that reduces any additional queries you may receive from freelancers.

Can I cancel a posted project?

Yes, the project can be canceled once there is no agreement with a freelancer, no work in progress or any remaining payments.

How can I transfer and pay a freelancer?

You can pay and transfer money through WU or PayPal and we work to integrate other payment gateways.

Is there a minimum and maximum budget for the project I want to post?

No, you would select a reasonable budget from drop-down menu.

What is the project in private mode?

Project in private mode only appears to invited freelancers.

I chose a freelancer but couldn’t award the project to him?

If the Escrow option is enabled by the freelancer, you will not be able to hire unless you have a balance with the same bid amount in your wallet.